Friday, July 08, 2005

Sleepless in Sandyland

I couldn't sleep last night. I have ripped my garden apart by the shed and nothing I shift around feels right. I just can't seem to be happy with it. I dug up my David Austin'Golden Celebration' and gave him the toss. Enough with the blackspot and bare branches! There are just to many other cool plants that don't need pampering. I think the problem is it isn't wide enough. This is not a fixable problem. It would sent my husband over the edge. Even I know when enough is enough! He has humored me for years now. All he wants is his 55 Chevy to be on the road. Not much to ask for! So needless to say he wants to work on his car, not in the garden right now.

I have to think about this for awhile. Now I really should get myself off to work. I need to buy a few more plants to pop in here and there. I love my job!


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